Our Story

The wise say, your hair is the crown that you never take off - Mirakki is here to perfect that crown with its magical hair potion. Be it hair-fall, itchy-scalp, premature greying or damaged hair, Mirakki is a one-stop-shop to shoo away all your hair worries. Our products are crafted with traditional elements to ensure your hair is healthy and nourished. Some may even call us hairgicians, people who create magic for their clients without a wand. Let us take you on a wonderful journey that will leave your hair voluminous, lustrous, and desirable.




 Never stop doing your best. I have had healthy hair from my childhood and the credit goes to my mom. She used to make oil at home using as many natural ingredients as possible she knew that these natural ingredients would keep my hair healthy and shiny. I used to hear a lot of people talking about their hair issues which did strike me at one point of time to help people out there with different hair issues. It's always good to share things that can create a change in people's life. Haircare has become a huge issue in today's world. With MIRAKKI we wanted to create magic. Traditional hair care products that are simple and classic.







 I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are. I always dreamt of being a travel journalist back then. Traveling is one of my passion. I am a person who loved to share different ideas. In 2015 I met my best friend for the first time. We worked together to gain some experience before we thought of setting up our own business. We used to share a lot of crazy ideas though we knew we couldn't set up a venture at that point in time, and I was inspired by friends amazing concept for our potential startup. That's how MIRAKKI was born.

 Soon, we found ourselves creating various hair care products. Since then, we have worked relentlessly, to create distinct natural products to treat specific conditions. Our mission is to become a household name of churning out new recipes to treat hair. Our creative ability, commitment, and deliverance of tangible outcomes are what makes us distinct, and we aspire to build on this work with new products.  We are glad to be partners as we share a very special bond. it's always good to do what you love and that's what we believe in.