Our Story






A people's person, an enterprising entrepreneur, a social media enthusiast and above all a humanist who closely works for various social causes especially welfare of street dogs. Also, a nature lover with an attachment for traditions and culture. That's a short description of Gauthami Balraj, founder of Mirakki which is a haircare brand. She's always striving to reach out to her customers with the look out for continuous improvement of her beloved Mirakki products. She believes in staying calm through all situations and building a good rapport with her Mirakki team to give their best and more to their valued customers.

A few words about Mirakki. Mirakki is a premium global hair care brand that caters to hair needs of everyone, all age groups and genders. We believe in natural care for hair. The aim of Mirakki is provide the best haircare by helping people grow smooth & shiny hair naturally.

The ingredients of all the Mirakki products are hand picked natural and nature-derived. All the Mirakki products are lab certified, clean, and cruelty free. We are also Ayush certified.

Mirakki addresses one of the biggest social stresses we face today. We assist people with their hair problems so that they can feel more secure about the health of their hair.

Gauthami is currently working towards making Mirakki sustainable and eco friendly.